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Fees are based on 9 monthly installments from September through May. A full payment is made for December, and no payment is made for June. Payment is due on the first of the month and a $10.00 late fee applies after the 10th of the month.

Returned Check

A $25.00 returned check fee will be assessed for any returned check. After the second time a check is returned, payment will be allowed by cash only.

Outstanding Balances

Any payment received will be applied to the oldest outstanding balance and/or fee. All balances and fees must be paid in full in order for your child to participate in recital or competition.


Tuition is a monthly charge and will not be refunded for absences, inclement weather closures, holiday breaks, or rehearsals. In the event of cancellations we will attempt to reschedule classes whenever possible.


Costumes purchases will be required for recital. There will be a costume deposit prior to the purchase based on the amount of dances your child is in, and the remaining balance will be due before costumes are distributed.

Class Placement

Many factors go into determining the placement of dancers into class levels, including but not limited to, age, ability, and experience. Our professionally trained staff has our dancers best interest in mind and wants them to succeed. We will place the students in the class level where we know they will excel and progress in the most successful manner. We thank you for trusting the professional advice of our staff.


Good attendance is extremely important and is a strong benefit to the student. Please make every effort to be on time and attend every class. There will be no credit given for missed classes. Absences will interfere with the advancement of the dancer. Poor attendance could result in a dancer being held back to repeat a level.When dancers are late to class they miss their warm up which is a imperative part of the class. If dancers are 15 minutes or later for class they may be asked to observe the class.


If any injury occurs it is understood that the student is covered by their own insurance. It is understood that any expenses would be at the families expense.


It is understood that when dancers enroll/register for a class that their parent/guardian agree to comply with our tuition, photo, code of conduct, and health and wellness waivers.

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